About Us
About Us

PulpBrew- The Journey

The journey of PulpBrew is inspired by founder Vakula Sharma’s own journey. 

As a mompreneur, Vakula found herself constantly racing against time. While quick-fix meals provided an answer for saving time, the health factor seemed to be slipping away. 

But then, something cool happened. Literally cool. On a trip to the US, Vakula was introduced to smoothies by her cousin. As much as she liked the concept and thought she would continue her smoothie journey even after the holiday ended, she never thought she would experience a ‘eureka’ moment. 

Vakula does not remember the store, but she remembers walking in and ordering a smoothie only to be surprised by the flavours that hit her. Without powders or additives, the pure smoothie got her thinking this is what honest goodness tastes like! 

Back home, smoothies became a regular part of her life and diet. The transformation was hard to miss as she lost a lot of weight, felt healthy, happy and charged to tackle what the day threw her way. Kapow! 

But Vakula realised that making new smoothies every single day is no easy task! Not only is the process high on effort, but nutritionally balanced smoothies also require the right set of ingredients. So she decided to make it easy for people to get on the smoothie bandwagon.

What’s more? Her daughter picked up on her smoothie habit and now a glass of smoothie is also part of her day!

With limited options in India, Vakula began spending time researching smoothie blends and ingredients for fresh, wholesome smoothies. Both she and her blender were overworked, but the result is what you see the astounding variety of smoothies available on PulpBrew. 

Ready to be a part of Vakula’s journey? 

“Given the pace of today’s life, I firmly believe that everyone deserves a plant-based diet that is rich in nutrition and is tasty too. We don’t have to pick sides when it comes to healthy and tasty food.” - Vakula Sharma

PulpBrew- The Directors 

Ajay Bhushan

Ajay Bhushan has been the backbone of PulpBrew right from the concept's inception. From chopping the fruits and veggies, to taste testing the trial blends and sharing inputs on the final products and execution decisions, he has been the driving force keeping the blenders going through the ups and downs. Along the way, Ajay, all thanks to his wife Vakula, has become a smoothie connoisseur himself. If you ever catch him with a glass of PulpBrew, it will most likely be the Banana Oats smoothie!

Gurrapu Sushma Reddy 

Smoothies came to Sushma during her quest for a healthy lifestyle. She instantly connected with the philosophy of PulpBrew, which she describes as a one-of-a-kind product that enables people to fulfil their nutritional needs in a healthy and sustainable manner. Sushma is an advocate for wholesome well being.

PulpBrew- The Product

Say Freeze!

PulpBrew uses the Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) or blast freezing technique so the food retains its shape, colour, taste, smell, freshness and most importantly, its nutritional value. 

We freeze the ingredients before they are added to individual packs, so they are not chunks of ice. 

Fruits that are optimum ripe, fresh vegetables and greens, antioxidant-rich superfoods like nutmeg, chia seeds, dates and cacao you name it, we will freeze it for you!

Okay, now don’t say chips. 

We wish we had a smoothie genie, but we don’t. 

We take ample care in selecting the ingredients and ensuring that you get the best of nutrition in every pack. This is why it takes us about 2 days to deliver your orders.

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