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Carrot SmoothieCarrot SmoothieCarrot SmoothieCarrot SmoothieCarrot SmoothieCarrot Smoothie
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Carrot Smoothie

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Product Description

Instant premix of carrot-based smoothie with ginger.

Add 250ml water/milk to get a 400ml smoothie

Contains: Carrots, Pineapple, Ginger 

Rich in: Vitamin K1, Vitamin A, Folate and Niacin

Energy: Kcal/100g | 55.01

Carbohydrate: g/100g | 7.07

Protein: g/100g | 1.62

Fat: g/100g | 2.25

Sugar: g/100g | 4.76

Your kids will love our Carrot Smoothie and its perfect sunset hue! 

Get rid of all your worries about balanced nutrition for children (and adults!) with this yummy combination.

Why Carrot Smoothie?

Carrots - Carrots shouldn't just be Bugs Bunny's staple! Carrots help with vitamin A, K and many other nutrients. The beta carotene in carrots benefits your eyes. It helps your heart, regulates bowel movement and strengthens the immune system.

Pineapple - Packed with manganese and vitamin C, pineapples help combat oxidative stress with their high content of antioxidants. Rich in phenolic acids and flavonoids, pineapples aid digestion, keep cancer at bay, and boost your immunity.

Ginger - Not just a fragrant spice, but ginger also contains the compound gingerol that has medicinal properties. The herb can help with nausea, indigestion, morning sickness, osteoarthritis, and weight loss too!


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